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Did you receive an invitation from the City of Gothenburg? If so, congratulations - you have the possibility to be a part of the City of Gothenburg's Citizens' Assembly! Here you can find more information about the Citizens' Assembly and how to register. We welcome your application!

Citizens' Assembly 2024

In the spring of 2024, 30 Gothenburg residents will have the opportunity to contribute thoughts and suggestions on how the city can engage and involve residents in transforming society to benefit the environment and climate.

The City of Gothenburg arranges a citizens' assembly which will meet for three Saturdays at central locations in Gothenburg. Each session is 6.5 hours long.

Have you received an invitation?

The information on this page is for you who have received an invitation from the city of Gothenburg, either in a letter or as a text message, to be a part of our so called "Medborgarråd för delaktighet i miljö- och klimatfrågor ", in English: Citizens' Assembly for involvement in the city´s environmental and climate efforts. 

Involving residents in transforming society

The City of Gothenburg has a mission to make it possible for the residents of Gothenburg to be more involved in political decisions, especially concerning environment and climate.

It is important for us to succeed in ensuring that residents are more involved in central social issues such as transforming society to benefit the environment and climate. 

What is a Citizens' Assembly?

It is a group of people who meet to discuss an issue in depth. It is a democratic process and method, which has been used on several occasions in other European cities and other parts of the world, to get citizens' views on various complex challenges in society.

The City of Gothenburg will be testing this method for the first time in the spring of 2024.

Our aim is to benefit from citizens' commitment and create good conditions for those who live in Gothenburg to participate in environmental and climate efforts in the city.

Can such a commitment become a driving force for accelerating sustainable development? We believe so, and are therefore asking for your help in doing this.

What you get

Those who participate in the assembly get to:

  • meet experts and, together with the other participants, discuss ideas for recommendations on how the City of Gothenburg can create good conditions for residents to become more involved in the efforts no transform society to benefit the environment and climate, 
  • learn about environmental and climate challenges that exist at a local and global level,
  • know more about how the City of Gothenburg and other important actors in society address these challenges, 
  •  receive a total of 990 SEK for all three Saturdays.

What will we be talking about? 

The question to be answered by the Citizens' Assembly is: 

How can the residents of Gothenburg become more involved in the city's environmental and climate efforts?

There are many ways to change society so that it becomes possible for everyone to become more involved in the work for an ecologically sustainable city which benefits the environment and climate. This may include: 

  • What meeting places and forums the City of Gothenburg and other actors offer for dialogue and influence,
  • What concrete projects and activities citizens and civil society can be involved in, 
  • How to become involved in how one's local and living environment is designed, 
  • To be able to make concrete proposals in so-called participatory budgets, 
  • To increase the opportunities to become involved in a system where residents can share, exchange, borrow, receive, and give, things and services, a system that is both good for the environment and their wallets,  
  • To be able to have direct contact, exchange of ideas and dialogue with companies, organizations, academia, civil society, and others to develop ideas together,
  • How I, as a resident, want to increase my knowledge of society, environmental issues, and sustainable development to be able to contribute with ideas and be an active citizen.

Meetings: dates and times

Each session is about 6.5 hours, including breaks and lunch.

The following days and times apply (the times may be adjusted slightly):

  • Saturday, April 13th at 10.00 - 16.30, venue in central Gothenburg 
  • Saturday, May 4th at 10.00 - 16.30, venue in central Gothenburg 
  • Saturday, June 1st at 10.00 - 16.30, venue in central Gothenburg 

Making your participation easier 

  • Free lunch is served at each meeting,
  • You will be reimbursed for your travel costs (public transport within Gothenburg),
  • Possibility of an interpreter if need be.

How results will be used

The results of the Citizens' Assembly will be received by officials and politicians in the City of Gothenburg. The recommendations will be an important contribution to how the city can further develop the work with participation and influence for residents in environmental and climate work. 

The City of Gothenburg has high ambitions in democracy, climate, and environmental issues.

How to register

To have the chance to participate, you need to fill in an application form. 

When applying, we ask you to answer a few questions about yourself: age, gender, educational background and where in Gothenburg you live. This is because we want the Citizens' Assembly to reflect the diversity of Gothenburg society as accurately as possible. 

All answers to the questions will be deleted after the Citizens' Assembly has been conducted and evaluated.

Last day to register is 18th of February 2024.

Please note that you can only register if you have received an invitation from the City of Gothenburg, either through a text message or through a letter.

For those invited: Express your interest of participating 

(This web address goes to Digidem Lab, which is a partner of the City of Gothenburg in this Citizens' Assembly.) 

What happens next

Once you have filled out the form, you have registered your interest to participate. We will randomly select 30 applicants out of those who have registered. After that, at the beginning of March, we will contact you with information about whether you have received a place or not.

All contact and personal data will be deleted after the Citizens' Assembly has been completed and evaluated.

Processing of personal data 

The City of Gothenburg's Partner Digidem Lab collects and processes personal data by the General Data Protection Regulation. 


Do you need other accessibility adaptations, such as audio description or sign language, or have questions about how you can participate? Write an email to  and we will get back to you.