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The Environment and Climate Programme for the City of Gothenburg 2021-2030 is the guide and the shared platform for the city’s strategic long-term work for the environment.

The objective of the programme is to transition Gothenburg to an environmentally sustainable city by 2030.

This means that Gothenburg will become one of the world’s most progressive cities when it comes to preventing and addressing environmental and climate problems. Our children and future generations should not be burdened with problems that we can solve ourselves. Nor should humans, animals and nature in other countries be negatively affected by our way of living.

The Environment and Climate Programme is the comprehensive governing document for work within the environmental dimension of sustainable development in the City of Gothenburg. The programme will help drive the City of Gothenburg to transition into an environmentally sustainable society. The coordination between the City of Gothenburg and trade and industry, inhabitants, academia, other cities and other actors is a prerequisite to succeed with this.

Environmental goals for nature, climate and people

The programme focuses on the greatest challenges for an environmentally sustainable Gothenburg, and it contains three environmental goals that addresses nature, climate and people. The three environmental goals cover the whole of Gothenburg. The environmental goals include twelve sub-goals that focus on the City of Gothenburg's own organization.
For each environmental goal and sub-goal there is a table with indicators that displays the current situation and target values. The indicators with the target values specify what needs to be achieved for a given year.

Download the English version of the Programme (includes the sub-goals and indicators)


Emma Broms,
Environment administration, City of Gothenburg

Kristofer Palmestål,
Environment administration, City of Gothenburg

Emma Rex,
Environment administration, City of Gothenburg