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The Wise Organisation has been a project within elderly care for North Hisingen district council in Gothenburg. The overall goals have been to ensure that the sector has the competent co-workers it requires and that the work environment contributes to good health.

The project has been financed by the European Social Fund and North Hisingen city district council.

The elderly care sector faces new challenges and problems with recruiting competent co-workers and therefore the project has been working towards implementing processes and work routines which leads to a qualified and efficient environment where people thrive.

The target group has been approximately 800 co-workers and managers within elderly care. The project focused primarily on care assistants and care home managers, but also included nurses, administrators, social care assessors, care supervisors and support functions.

A researcher has followed and evaluated the project and a mentor from Gothenburg University has supported the project group in their work.

The project has also been supported by a steering committee which consisted of the city district director, HR director, sector manager for elderly care, area manager for special accommodation, care home managers, care assistants, representative from the Pensioners Council North Hisingen as well as the project mentor.

To learn more about the project please watch our presentation in English:
The Wise Organisation