All activities in Jubileumsparken are free of charge and accessible. Regardless of age, background, prior knowledge and disability, the park is for you.

During the summer season (June-August) you can swim, train swimming, try sailing and canoeing in Jubileumsparken. All year around you can play and learn in the outdoor classroom or stroll along the water. During the summer season there is also the possibility to buy food and drinks from food trucks.


During the summer season we organize a sailing school in Jubileumsparken. Sailing takes place in the harbour basin. We use access dinghys and invite everyone to join, regardless of prior knowledge or ability.

The sailing school is available in various forms; we have sailing camps, sailing for schools and open sailing with drop-in. Whether you have a disability or not, we offer the opportunity for a sailing school - everyone is welcome and the activity is free of charge.

Swimming and swim training

On June 2, 2023 during the Gothenburg’s Anniversary Festival, the Harbour Bath with three pools along Kvillepiren opend. One is a freshwater pool which has a traditional construction with solid sides and bottom. The water in this pool is cleaned using a constructed filter bed with layers of lime stone gravel and not the traditional chlorine. The water is continuously circulated from the pool to the filter bed and back again. 

The other two pools do not have a traditional construction. They are instead constructed using polyethene liners that extend from the surface down to 6m depth. These liners separate the pool water from the river water. By pumping out the surface water from the pools the water at 6m depth is pulled up though the open bottom to the surface. “New” water is, in this way, continuously entering the pools and no additional cleaning is required. 

In the harbour the water at 6m depth is saltwater due to a salt wedge
being formed below the river water This means that the water in these two pools are sea water (saltwater) and not river water. A net is fixed at the “bottom” of these pools in order to stop people from trying to dive down under the pool liners and into the surrounding river as wells to stop larger sea creatures (such as seals and more recently a whale) from entering the pools. 

Excursion playground

The excursion playground opened in Jubileumsparken in August 2022. This is a park consisting of about 20 colorful sculptures made for play. All the sculptures have different functions. Some are perfect for climbing on, others are great for balancing on or hiding in. There are also sculptures that are made for more calm activities, inviting you to play with sound, sand and rainwater.

The playground does also offer many grass areas – perfect for picnics or to hang out on.


The "Public sauna" with view of the river stands a bit out into the water along Kvillepiren. It was built as a prototype and since the sauna is going to be a permanent part of Jubileumsparken it is now being rebuilt. The sauna is planned to be ready and open again during spring 2024.

Outdoor classroom

In the outdoor classroom and the water play area "Näsan i blöt” it is extra fun to be when it rains. Here you can explore how water flows and disappears, climb the climbing wall or take shelter from the weather and wind. Both adults and children are welcome.

Eat and drink

During the summer season you can buy food and drink from food trucks. If you want to bring your own food and beverage you are welcome to use "cubes" with tables and chairs places in small groups.