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Civil marriage in Gothenburg

You have two ways of making an appointment for civil marriage. Either you can choose to have a private civil ceremony or you can conduct your ceremony at the city office, Rådhuset, located at Gustaf Adolfs torg 1.

Before the ceremony

In order to get married, you need to apply for two documents called Hindersprövningsintyg (Certificate of no impediment to marriage) and Vigselintyg (Marriage certificate) from Skatteverket. To do this you must fill out the form Hindersprövning – Ansökan och försäkran , which can be found on skatteverket.se:

Before the ceremony-Consideration of impediments to marriage- on skatteverket.se

If impediments to the marriage cannot be found, the certificates will be sent to your home address. To receive a confirmation of your appointment, you must send both of these documents to City Hall/stadsledningskontoret at least two weeks before the booked date of marriage. If we do not receive the documents within the stated time, your date will be canceled. Send the certificates to the following address:

Göteborgs Stad
Stadsledningskontoret Vigsel
404 82 Göteborg

Adminstrative fee

All ceremonies that are performed using Gothenburg City marriage services are invoiced an administrative fee of 500 kronor. The fee must not be paid before the ceremony. The invoice will be sent to your home address.

Civil Ceremony in Rådhuset

  • The ceremonies are, with some exceptions, performed on Saturdays between 13.00-15.30.
  • The ceremony takes about 5 minutes. Please make sure to be there at least 15 minutes before your appointment and to bring valid identification.
  • If you choose to get married in Rådhuset, we can provide two witnesses from our personnel.
  • The ceremonial text can be read in both Swedish and English.
  • If one of you does not understand Swedish or English, you must bring someone who can translate. This person can also act as a witness.
  • After the ceremony has been conducted you will receive your certificate of marriage.

Register here to make an appointment for civil marriage (in Swedish)

You can also call Kontaktcenter at 031-365 00 00. They can assist you with your booking.

If any of you have protected identity, please contact us via email or phone. vigsel@stadshuset.goteborg.se / 031-365 00 00.

Private Civil Ceremony

If you wish to book a private ceremony on another date or in a different location, you can contact one of the the registrars (information in Swedish with contact information to the registars). Once you agree on an appointment with the registrars you can send the documents to us. Before you send us your documents regarding a private ceremony, please fill out our e-services for the private ceremony-(in Swedish). Please note that the documents must be sent to us at least two weeks before your ceremony date.

Ceremony text

There are two versions of the ceremony text, one long and one short. You can read them on Ceremonitexter.

Contact City Hall/stadsledningskontoret

You can contact the administration for civil marriage if you have any questions.

Telefon och e-post

031-365 00 00 (Göteborgs Stads kontaktcenter)

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Gustaf Adolfs Torg 1

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Stadsledningskontoret Vigsel
404 82 Göteborg