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Samlad information om coronaviruset

Senast uppdaterad: 20 maj 2020 klockan 15:39 | Publicerad: 23 mars 2020 klockan 08:26

Här hittar du information om hur Göteborgs Stads verksamheter påverkas.

Göteborgs Stads information med anledning av covid-19
Photo: Frida Winter

IHGR International High School

IHGR Once-Always

The International High School of the Gothenburg Region is the small school with the global perspective. We offer academic excellence, an international mindset and personal growth. At the end: qualification for university, at home or abroad.


Graduation 2020!

Publicerad 20 maj 2020
Information for Parents/Guardians and family ahead of the Graduation 2020!

Entrance exam !

Publicerad 13 maj 2020
Entrance exam for students who have applied to PREIB and IB year 1.

Studying from home

Publicerad 23 mars 2020
As we have been required to ask all students to stay at home, it is important that you all have your Chromebooks, chargers, books and other material with you. You can come and get things you might need as long as you are not ill.