Below you will find information regarding the start and end of the school year, breaks, as well as the date for graduation of the seniors.

Fall Term 2024

9 August: Teachers start

19 August: First day of school for yr 1 students

20 August: First day of school for IB11 students (IB23abc)

21 August: First day of school for NA23/SA23, NA22/SA22, IB22abc

22 August: Regular schedule begins

4 September: Garden Party and Parent meeting for yr 1+IB11 students and guardians

10 September: Program Day

8-10 October: High School Fair

22 October: Open House 17.30-19.00

26 Oct-3 Nov: Fall break (week 44)

10 December: Nobel Dinner for the NA-students

20 December: Last day of school before the winter break

Spring Term 2025

7 January: Inservice Day

8 January: First school day after the break

15 January: Open house 17.30-19.00

10-14 February: Sport's Break

20 February: Core Values/Career Day in the morning, inservice day in the afternoon

26 February: Entrance Exams for IB and Pace Programs

21 March: Developmental Talks

31 March: Inservice Day

12-21 April: Easter Break

28 April-21 May: IB Final Exams 

1 May: Bank Holiday

5 May: Mock Exams (may be subject to change)

16 May: IH Games

29-30 May: Ascension Day, no school

5 June: Graduation yr 3

6 June: National Bank Holiday

11 June: Last day of school for yr 1+2