The International High School was instrumental in my life, offering challenges and opportunities I would not have had elsewhere. From the ambassadors and EYP, to the school paper and crest-designing, IHGR became my second home, and one I still treasure. I was constantly supported and encouraged to push myself, developing a confidence which has benefitted me hugely both at university and in work life. If that wasn’t enough, I also made friends for life, and memories which I speak of fondly to this day. I currently work as a policy advisor in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural affairs, based in London.

Maya Moss, Policy Advisor

Photo by Charlie Smith

So far looking back IHGR was the first step to a life full of promising discoveries. My teachers left a huge impression on me, not only as great teachers, but also as caring friends. They taught me that you just have to be courageous and not be afraid that things won’t go your way; if you listen to your heart you’ll always be exactly where you’re meant to. As such, I’ve spent the last three years working in a jazz record label in Tokyo. Everything seems alright...

Humberto de Armas, Label Relations/ artists and repertoire

Photo by Ximena Guevara