Photo: Frida Winter

The Natural Science Programme

The Natural Science programme at The International High School is a national programme and it follows the Swedish curriculum. All subjects, except Swedish, are taught in English, but in order to be eligible to study the programme, you need to have a Swedish grade from year 9. Within this programme the focus is on the natural sciences.

Becoming A Natural Science Student

Committing to be a Natural Science student will be academically challenging but also very rewarding. The programme focuses on traditional sciences such as mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology. Laboratory work is an important part of these courses. Advanced courses are offered in all these subjects. The teaching staff strive to create a learning experience and teaching methods that are not always traditional. There are several opportunities to combine academics with sports, art, programming within the individual choice subjects. Other options available to students are a higher mathematics course (maths 5), biotechnology, psychology, languages or entrepreneurship. 

Academic Preparation for University

The Natural Science Programme at The International High school prepares you well for continuing higher studies at universities in Sweden and abroad. After completing the programme there is a wide range of possible future careers for students to pursue, from engineering to medicine, or business to law, and everything in between. 

Student Involvement

The International High School is a small high school where students and teachers work closely together. Our students have many opportunities to influence how we work both inside and outside the classroom. As a natural science student, you will also participate in different events, where we focus on programme specific goals. These events can be field trips to Gothenburg university’s marine field stations, visits to museums and the theatre, excursions to Tjärnö, and attending the school’s annual Nobel Dinner. We encourage students to be part of developing not only the Natural Science Programme, but also our school. It is of great importance that our students thrive not only academically but also as individuals. The International High School strives to foster open- minded, caring and knowledgeable world citizens.


Programme Structure