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IB Diploma Programme

The International High School is an accredited IB world school offering the IB Diploma Programme, an academically challenging and balanced international programme of education with final examinations that prepares students, aged 16 to 19, for success at university and life beyond. It has been designed to address the intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being of students. The programme, has gained recognition and respect from the world’s leading universities

Becoming an IB Student

Students who enter into year one of high school will start in the PreIB class. The PreIB class is a foundation year in preparation for the two year Diploma Programme that follows. We have carefully selected the courses that we feel will give you the very best start to your high school education. Entrance to the PreIB class is based upon grades achieved in ninth grade and on the result of the IHGR entrance exam which is held in February. The entrance exam is to ascertain a student’s ability in English and Maths (the Maths part of the test is also in English)


What courses will you take in PreIB?

English 5, Swedish 1, History, Biology, Chemistry, Maths 1c and Maths 2c, Modern Language and P.E.


The IB Diploma Programme

Your Diploma Programme is exactly what you make it! Choose languages, sciences, art and mix them all up to meet your interests, talents and needs to meet university requirements. In total you will choose six subjects that you read for the duration of year two and three. Alongside your six subjects you will also complete an Extended Essay, a course in Theory of Knowledge and the extra curricular aspect of Creativity, Activity and Service. These three compulsory aspects are what defines an IB student and helps to develop the idea of our students being life-long learners. Note that there is an international baccaulareute fee of 650-700 euro that is charged. This payment is due approximately six months prior to the final examinations.  


What courses can I choose from on the IB Diploma Programme?

First language

English language and literature

Swedish language and literature

Mother tongue literature

Second language

English as a second language

Swedish as a second language

French as a second language

Spanish as a second language

Individuals and societies


Business Management


Environmental systems and societies





Computer science

Environmental systems and societies


Mathematical Applications and Interpretations

Mathematics Analysis and Approaches 

Art Visual arts


Student Involvement 

By becoming an IB student you really are taking the next step into international education and into an international community. Click on the link to learn what these IB students have to say about the programme View video


Admissions from within Sweden

If you are in your final year of secondary school (årskurs 9) then your next step is to join our PreIB class. Register yourself on Indra, or speak to your career counselor (studievägledare). If you do not currently live in Sweden please contact Gymnasieantagningen, the central admissions office for Gothenburg high schools at

Once your application has been confirmed on Indra you will be registered to take the entrance exam..


Overseas applications

For those students who have already completed MYP10, PreIB at another school or IGCSEs it may be possible for you to apply directly to the two year Diploma Programme. IB Online application for overseas applicants to DP only Please click here. IB online application for overseas applicants to PreIB please download the document PreIB application document (see Forms). 


For further information, please contact our IB Coordinator Tracey Bengtsson-Hopcraft,

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