IB Coordinator's tips for success

Publicerad 11 mars 2024

Final exams are just around the corner! Here are some last wisdom words from your IB coordinator.

Establish a tailored study timetable that suits you. Try to follow it as best you can to prevent becoming overwhelmed.

Look through the subject guides to ensure you know everything covered in the exams. These guides offer a clear roadmap of essential knowledge and serve as valuable aids during exam preparation.

Work with past papers and mark schemes to acquaint yourself with the exam structure and various question types.

Enhance memory retention through active recall and regular self-testing. This may involve creating flashcards, taking quizzes, or explaining concepts to a study partner.

Supplement your learning with online resources like IB approved textbooks, revision websites, and YouTube channels to better understand difficult topics.

Remember to take breaks and prioritize self-care, both prior to and during the demanding exam season. Incorporate activities such as exercise, mindfulness, and spending time with friends and family to stay focused and motivated.

Stay positive and try your hardest!

Tracey Bengtsson-Hopcraft
IB Coordinator