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How primary and secondary schools in Gothenburg will change.

In 2021, the City of Gothenburg will change the way in which its primary and secondary schools are organised.

  The Compulsory School Administration will introduce the changes in stages.

  Step 1 has already been completed.

  From 1 January, each school unit will belong to what is known as an education district  which will match the new City of Gothenburg districts: City Centre, Hisingen, North-East, and South-West.

 — The next step will be taken at the beginning of the school year in August 2021. This means that we will change the governance and management of the schools.

 — Primary and secondary schools are already arranged into school units, which vary in terms of size, number of grades, organisation and so on. This has meant that the conditions have varied, both for pupils and employees.

In the new organisation, the city’s school units will be both larger and fewer in number.

  We will merge school units at the same address into one school unit.

 — All school units will be included in what are known as school areas.

  The school areas will comprise one or more school units and will have the same principal and school management team.

The changes will also apply to special primary and secondary schools, which in the majority of cases will be part of a school unit.

  The groups at special primary and secondary schools will not change, and will be exactly the same as before.

  A number of special primary and secondary school units will remain, allowing us to be certain that if a pupil’s needs are particularly extensive they will receive the necessary support.

  — We are also changing the pupil health organisation - i.e. the school nurse, counsellor, psychologist, and special needs teachers.

 — We are making the changes to ensure the pupil health system is as accessible as possible and part of the school’s prevention and promotion work relating to health and a good learning environment for the pupils.

The reasons for the changes are

  • together the schools will be stronger and have greater potential to satisfy support needs among the pupils  and be able to provide support where it is needed most.
  • The employees at the school will be in a better position to learn from each other and work together to develop and improve the teaching.
  • Pupils who require extra teaching support  will have greater access to support both at school and within their local area.
  • Pupils will have a clearer path as they progress through the different grades, and they will have a greater degree of security and predictability.

  In the long term, the changes will generate conditions  for a more equal primary and secondary school system that maintains a high standard of education and care for all pupils.

  For pupils in primary and secondary schools in Gothenburg the teaching will continue as normal.

  But in the new organisation the pupils do not need to change school unit as often at the end of the school year.

  Some will have a new principal and one or more will have new deputy principals from the autumn term 2021.

 — Together we will pave the way for the school of the future!

 — You can read more about the new organisation at: www.goteborg.se/nyskolenhetsorganisation.


This information was provided by the City of Gothenburg.