Exchange Programmes

Students come to The International High School to develop academically as well as personally. An excellent way to work on the latter is to get involved in our exchange programmes or our wide range of student activities. While the exchanges are organised by the school, most of the activities are the result of student initiative and dedication.

Our Student Exchange Programmes are linked to the curriculum and organised by the school. Students can apply to participate.

All the activities below have started with someone saying: "We have an interest that we want to share with others; can we start a club...?"

  • STUN - the Student Union
  • EYP - the European Youth Parliament
  • The Itch - school newspaper
  • SuperHero Crew - charity fundraiser
  • Amnesty Group - activism and human rights
  • Football Club - sports
  • IHGR Alumni Association - network for former students
  • Dance Club - dancing
  • Dungeons & Dragons - gaming
  • STEM - science club
  • Art Club - creativity

and more...

Apart from this we also have the Ambassador Group, the official student representatives of our school. You will meet them whenever you visit us, regardless if it is during Gymnasiemässan, Open House or just spending a regular day with us!