The Social Science Programme with Advanced Courses in English

Are you interested in Social Science, but also have a passion for English? Then this programme should be something to look into! Just remember, in order to be eligible to our programme, you need to have a Swedish grade from year 9.

At the International High School we offer an exciting opportunity for students who wish to study university level courses in English, while still in high school. This advanced programme (spets) offers an accelerated pace of learning during the courses of English 5 and 6 along with an array of extra classes in rhetorical skills, academic writing, literature and linguistics. In addition, in collaboration with The University of Gothenburg, two 7.5 point courses will be offered during year 2 and 3 of the programme.

Students who want to study the Social Science Programme with Advanced Courses in English (PACE) will be asked to take an entrance exam during the spring which tests your level of English vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing skills. The results of the exam will then be combined with previous grades earned and evaluated together. Please note that applicants must meet the general requirements for entry into the Swedish Gymnasieskolan in order to be accepted into the programme. This course of studies focuses heavily on language and Social Science subjects in an integrated way and build on our tradition of offering high quality educational opportunities in English in the Gothenburg Region.

An example of courses which are offered [i] in English is as follows:

SPAXXX01a Speech
SPAXXX0 Writing
SVELIT0 Literature
MÄKMÄK01 Human Language
EN1113 English Linguistics, 7.5 university points
EN1114 Academic Written and Spoken English, 7.5 university points
EN1115 English Literary Studies, 7.5 university points
EN1116 Cultural Studies in English, 7.5 university points

Date for the entrance exam: 7 February 8.30-11.30,   or 8 February 14.00-17.00.  

[i] Choice of courses will depend on the term in question .