Urban mobility, transport and infrastructure

Gothenburg European Office monitors the European initiatives in the area of urban mobility, transport and infrastructure. Read more about our work below.

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Connected and autonomous vehicles, road safety, renewable fuels and electrification, smart cities and new mobility services are all high on the agenda in Gothenburg. Gothenburg is one of the urban nodes along the TEN-T Scandinavian-Mediterranean core network.  The city is an important influencer on the future of sustainable innovative urban mobility on the European level.

The Swedish automotive industry has its heart in Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology is a European leader in research in the field of transport. The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in Scandinavia and the gateway to the world for a large proportion of Swedish industry. Together, we work to mitigate the environmental impact of shipping and to contribute to sustainable transport.

Gothenburg, through various actors, is engaged in several research projects focusing on reducing the environmental impact of transports and increasing safety for drivers and other road users.

On the European level, Gothenburg European Office is continuously working for:

  • Consequences on urban planning and other aspects of effects on cities to be considered when discussing connected and autonomous mobility on the European level.
  • Continuous investment prioritisation on the core network in TEN-T and an enhanced role of urban nodes in TEN-T governance.

Current initiatives monitored:

  • Urban Mobility Package
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Electric mobility and infrastructure for alternative fuels
  • TEN-T and urban nodes
  • Future funding opportunities for sustainable urban mobility

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Icon of a busIcon of person walking a bike wearing a helmetIcon of a tramIcon of a lorry