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Gothenburg European Office: who are we and what do we do in Brussels?

The City of Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city, is actively following the legislative work of the European institutions and has a track record of successful participation in a range of EU programmes.

Gothenburg European Office is the city of Gothenburg’s Brussels-based interlocutor, conveying and discussing best practices as well as policy recommendations with EU policy makers and European stakeholders. 

How do we work in Brussels?

We monitor, analyse and try to influence the legislative work of the European institutions in all policy areas that affect the city and its stakeholders. We provide legislators with information and recommendations from the local level.

Gothenburg European Office also assists the city administration by analysing EU-funding opportunities for sustainable urban development, and by helping our current EU-projects gain visibility in Brussels.

We support our experts by setting up meetings with other cities and European stakeholders to exchange knowledge and best practices to deal with our common challenges.

We also organise events in Brussels highlighting Gothenburg’s experiences, expertise, as well as its needs. You can find out more about our upcoming and past events on this website.

Who do we represent?

Gothenburg European Office represent the local government, its departments and the city owned companies, which includes the Port authority and the public energy company among others. The office is a branch to Göteborg Stadshus AB, and we have partner agreements with Chalmers University of Technology  and Lindholmen Science Park 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or something you would like to discuss, contact us here.

Learn more about our office

To learn more about our mission, focus areas and role as a representational office you can view our Prezi presentation here.

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