Our work in Brussels

Gothenburg European Office’s work is focused around the urban dimensions of EU policies and funding opportunities, especially in the areas of energy, climate and environment; urban mobility, transport and infrastructure; and social affairs and public health.

Monitoring the legislative work and sharing policy recommendations

We monitor relevant legislative proposals on behalf of the city of Gothenburg. When relevant, we share the City of Gothenburg's positions, opinions or policy recommendations with decision makers. These are based on the City of Gothenburg's expertise and experiences. 

The main areas which we are working with are based on the following prioritised areas: 

We also monitor the area of research and innovation as a horizontal aspect.

Follow the links or click on the categories in the menu to learn more about our current work.

Funding / Project opportunities and strategic partners for EU- funded projects

We monitor the funding opportunities and support our colleagues from Gothenburg with the development of strategic EU-funded projects. When the projects are up and running, we help out with the dissemination of lessons learned.

On this page, we will publish updates on what partnership areas are of interest for the city. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have a specific request: european.office@gshab.goteborg.se. 

Some examples of previously or currently EU-funded projects can be found on the page : “Projects in Gothenburg