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It should be easy to work in film and motion pictures in Gothenburg. Whether you're already established, simply curious, or if you're dreaming of a future in the media business, we're here for you. We work with all forms of film and motion pictures. Do you have any questions? Please contact us!

We can provide you with information regarding

  • a list of location scouts & fixers
  • permits and licensing authorities for filming in public spaces in the Gothenburg region
  • different locations within the region
  • production companies, production service companies and postproduction companies within the region
  • filmrelated suppliers such as props, costumes, SFX, technical equipment, studios etc.
  • funding opportunities
  • groups/networks were you can connect with others in the local filmindustry
  • film festivals and other screens in Gothenburg
  • different film educations in the region

Contact us for more information in English. If you want to translate our website into another language, there are several options of tools for translating websites available, such as Google Translate. Please note that neither the City of Gothenburg nor any entity within the city's administration can be held liable for the correctness of the translation made by any tool.

The Film Office is part of Gothenburg City's commitment to film and motion pictures.

Contact us

Film Office City of Gothenburg
Östra Hamngatan 16
411 09 Gothenburg

Jim Lindmark,
Film Location Officer
Telephone: +46728-55 46 02

Ulf Sigvardson,
Film financier
Telephone: +4631-368 36 88

About the City of Gothenburg’s commitment to film

In the autumn of 2013, the city executive board in Gothenburg adopted an action plan for the development of film and motion pictures in West Sweden. In practice, it means more money for film production and business development through different initiatives for the local industry through the City of Gothenburg, Lindholmen Science Park and Business Region Gothenburg.