Information in English

Welcome to Center för språkintroduktion. If you are between the age 16 and 20 and have recently arrived to Sweden, this is where you start your education. Our main goal is that you learn enough Swedish to be able to continue your studies or enter work life.

If you are new in Sweden, this is where you begin your studies. Your studies last from one to four years depending on you previous education. 

In this school you learn Swedish as well as get acquainted with how Swedish society works. Our mission is to lay the foundation for further studies in Sweden. In addition to studying the Swedish language you will attend other classes, such as for instance Social sciences, English, Arts, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physical education. Day time excursions are also parts of your education.

Bus pass, lunch pass, computer and school books 

Once you have enrolled in school you will receive a bus pass, a lunch pass and a computer and school books. If you lose your bus pass or lunch pass you must pay a fee in order to get a new one. The school office will help you. The computer is to be used for school work. Once you end your education here you must hand in your computer and your school books. 

Your mentor 

Your most important contact in school is your mentor. He or she is responsible for planning your education as well as follow up your progress. If you become ill and unable to attend school your guardian must contact your mentor. If you are 18 years of age or older you are responsible for letting your mentor know. If your illness lasts for more than a week you must be able to show your mentor a medical certificate. 

What we expect from you 

School is to regarded as work. It is important to be on time and do what is required of you. We expect you to work hard and always do your best. We expect you to be nice to your fellow students and teachers. We expect you to obey the school rules. 

School rules

  1. We show consideration and respect to each other by always being on time to classes, meetings etc.
  2. We show fellowship. We care about each other and help each other.
  3. We tidy our desks when class is over. We do not litter.
  4. We keep track of our books and computers and take good care of them.
  5. We only use our smart phones if the teacher approves of it. The teacher is allowed to seize phones, computers or other objects which are used in a manner that interrupts class.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to treat a fellow student or school personnel in a derogatory manner, whether in actions or verbally. The idea of equal rights and equal value of all people, is very important to the school.
  7. In event of threats, violence, drugs or destruction the school will contact the police.