Till sidans huvudinnehåll

Apply to SFI - the first time in Gothenburg

If you have not previously studied in Gothenburg you need to participate in an information meeting before submitting your application. After the meeting you will get a private consultation with a pedagogue and interpreter if needed. Below you make an appointment for the information meeting that suits you best.

Click the blue button to make an appointment. You will be forwarded to a site outside of goteborg.se

Reservation for info meeting

When you have made an appointment you get a booking confirmation via e-mail and text message. There you will also get the location of the meeting.

If you cannot come to the booked meeting you will need to cancel and make a new appointment.

Legal protection of anonymity (skyddad identitet)

You who have legal protection of anonymity (skyddad identitet) shall not apply ere. Contact Labour Market and Adult Education to make your application.

You can reach us at info@arbvux.goteborg.se or by phone: 031-368 30 00

Information about the meeting

On the meeting you get group information about sfi and what it is like to study sfi in Gothenburg. It will be in the language you have chosen.

If you cannot find any information meeting in a language that you understand, or if you need a sign language interpreter, contact us at info@arbvux.goteborg.se or by phone on 031-368 30 00.

After the meeting you will get a private consultation with a pedagogue and interpreter if needed. There we will ask you about your previous education, work and set goals.

It is important that you tell us if you need any special needs adaptations to complete your studies. It can for instance be a hearing or visual impairment.

  • You must bring and ID.
  • If you participate in the Introduction Program of the Swedish Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingens etableringsprogram) please bring the document showing that.
  • If you have completed or partly completed sfi studies from somewhere please please bring your grades.

Refugee from Ukraine

Ukrainian refuges who are in Sweden under The Temporary Protection Directive are entitled to study sfi. Do the following to apply for sfi in Gothenburg.

Reservation for info meeting

Choose “Information meeting in Ukrainian” (ukrainska) and find a suitable time. Do not write your personal identity number (personnummer), instead give us your Coordination Number (samordningsnummer). If you have not received a Coordination Number contact us and we will help you.

When you come to the information meeting please bring the following:

  • You UT-card given to you by Swedish Migration Agency (migrationsverket), or
  • The decision of your permanent residence (permanent uppehållstillstånd) from Swedish Migration Agency (migrationsverket) along with your passport/national ID card.

Kontakta arbetsmarknad och vuxenutbildning

Har du synpunkter eller frågor om vuxenutbildning så kan du kontakta arbetsmarknad och vuxenutbildning.


För frågor om vuxenutbildning

031-368 30 00

Ställ en fråga eller lämna en synpunkt.

Fyll i din e-postadress om du vill ha svar.
Ställ en fråga eller lämna en synpunkt. Beskriv ditt ärende så detaljerat som möjligt. Max 5000 tecken.
Göteborgs Stad behandlar dina personuppgifter i enlighet med bestämmelserna i dataskyddsförordningen, DSF. För mer information, se Så här behandlar kommunen dina personuppgifter.


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