Share and borrow

Many of the things we have at home lie around unused a lot of the time. Sharing, borrowing or renting things and services is often a more resource efficient way of consuming than buying everything yourself.

The ‘sharing economy’ has grown in recent years. This is about access before ownership, e g through ‘swap rooms’ or ‘tool libraries’ in apartment buildings, digital services, bicycle and car pools, at-home dinners, clothes swapping days and much more.

These initiatives come from the municipality as well as companies, and not least from civil society. The City of Gothenburg is working in several ways to promote the growth of sharing services, through its own services as well as in collaboration with other actors. Examples include the bike pool Styr&Ställ, how the city grants the use of land for urban agriculture, and the addition of many more things to borrow than books at some of the city’s libraries. Check out for all the sharing initiatives available in Gothenburg.