The Educational Administration

Upper secondary schools and adult education

Göteborg, a City of Education
Göteborg has a broad development of education programmes in a system of upper secondary schools and adult education.

Upper secondary education
Our upper secondary schools provide programmes for vocational education and training (VET) and general education, which cover three years and lead to a general qualification for university studies. Students share a common curriculum for ‘core subjects’ - Swedish, English, Mathematics, Science, Social knowledge, Physical Training, Religion and Arts - whereas ‘profile subjects’ vary between programmes. All VET programmes include a training scheme at workplaces either in Sweden or abroad. 

Individual programmes
Students who have not made a particular choice of programme, or need to fill in gaps in their qualifications, can opt for an individual programme.

The Upper Secondary School for students with learning disabilities
Område GS - a "gymnasiesärskola" - educates students with varying levels of learning impediments in a wide variety of fields.

Särvux offers education for adult students with learning disabilities. All education aims at students obtaining the knowledge and skills needed to make everyday-, working- and domestic life easier.

Studium provides municipal adult education covering many sectors and different education levels of the Swedish education system. All education is based on close cooperation between trade and industry on the one hand and various organisers of education, universities, and training companies on the other. Studium also offers Advanced Vocational education. 

Riksgymnasiet (RGRH) is one of Swedens four national upper secondary schools for disabled students. RGRH is located at Angeredsgymnasiet and has approximately 50 students.

Commissioned courses
Upper secondary schools cooperate with corporations and City Administrations i Göteborg by providing courses for their employees on commission.

For further information, please contact our international coordinator Karin Heimdahl.
Phone number: +46-31-367 00 13

Facts and figures

  • 12 municipal upper secondary schools
  • There are about 17 000 students in upper secondary education in Göteborg.
  • 2 500 employees
  • Over 95 per cent of the pupils who leave compulsory school in Gothenburg apply to upper secondary school. Most of them are offered a place on their first-hand choice.
  • Since 2002 there has been an open upper secondary market in the region of Gothenburg, meaning students can apply to a school in any of 13 neighbouring municipalities.
  • Two upper secondary schools offer tuition in English
  • Students are offered free health care, free lunches and free textbooks
  • Students and their parents are offered study- and career guidance
  • Schools have good access to up-to-date IT-equipment.
  • There are also 36 independent upper secondary schools in Gothenburg.
  • All pupils and teachers have their own e-mail account
  • The schools have an extensive network of international co-operation