Many Swedes would like contact with immigrants. Would you like contact with Swedes (alone or with your family)? You can meet and get to know each other in the Refugee Guide Project [Språkvän/Flyktingguide Göteborg] — your route to the Swedes and the Swedish language.

Språkvän Göteborg is a voluntary meeting place where Swedes and immigrants can meet and get to know each other. You apply/request and are matched with each other (man-man, woman-woman, family-family) on the basis of shared experiences and wishes. Contact takes place in your spare time. You meet when you have time (a couple of times a month for a year), socialize and find things to do. You decide on things together and help each other to make the contact rewarding to both of you. Contact should be voluntary, respectful, two-way and unreserved. To apply you need to know a little Swedish (at least B-level SFI) and want contact with Swedes as friends. You also need to live in/near Gothenburg and to have a residence permit. We will be glad to hear from you!

APPLICATION: www.goteborg.se/sprakvan 031-367 91 68