Foto: Peter Svenson


The zoo in Slottsskogen is one of the oldest in Sweden. It is open all year round and admission is free.

With a focus on tame and wild Nordic animals, Slottsskogen aims to teach children and adults about the animal life we have around us. You can see everything from elks and deer to sheep, goats, seals, Gotland ponies and Oeland geese. Slottsskogen is working actively to preserve species native to the Nordic region that are under threat. There is also a facility for the Humboldt penguin, which is also under threat of extinction.

Every day you can come along and watch the zookeepers feed the park’s seals and penguins, commencing at 2 pm for the seals and 2:20 pm for the Penguins.

Children’s zoo

The Children’s zoo (link to information in Swedish) is open every day during the light months of the year. You can see different species native to Sweden, such as Gotland sheep, Jämtland goats, Gotland rabbits and Orust hens. Immediately adjacent is a pony riding area where children have the chance to ride a Gotland pony.

There are numerous opportunities to learn about animals and nature in an accessible and enjoyable way – both at the Children’s zoo and in the surrounding area. Follow the ’Gone Astray’(Hitta Vilse) path and learn what you should do if you get lost in the forest. You can also follow the Tree Path to learn more about the wide variety of Swedish trees.