Photografer Peter Svenson

Good order

For Slottsskogen to be an enjoyable place for everyone there are a number of simple, yet important rules.

Pick things up when you leave, put your rubbish in the waste bin and keep the park clean.

You must always keep your dog on a lead. There is an area in the park where you can let your dog off the lead under supervision. You are not allowed to take your dog with you to the playgrounds. Always clean up after your dog.

Disposable barbecues must be on a fireproof base (not on grass). Make sure the barbecue has cooled down before you throw it away. There are special containers in Slottsskogen for disposable barbecues.

If you want to barbecue over an open fire, this is only permitted at the park barbecue area, which is above Björngårdsvillan. Remember to put out the fire afterwards. It is your responsibility to find out if the Emergency Services have issued a ban on open fires.

In Slottsskogen, you are not permitted to:

  • drive a car, moped or other motorised vehicle
  • pick flowers or break off twigs
  • disturb or harm the animals
  • enter the animal enclosures
  • fish in the ponds
  • camp

Injured animals/animals in danger

Remember not to touch young wild animals. Slottsskogen does not receive wild animals or birds that have been found.

Contact detalis

If you have any ideas or suggestions, or would like to report a fault, please Contact us.
Phonenumber to the City of Gothenburg and the Parks- and Landscape Administration switchboard: +46 31 365 00 00. You can also send an email to

You can reach the animal wardens on +46 705 61 23 88.