Foto: Anders Feldt

In English

Bällskärs specialförskola is a preschool for children with multiple disabilities. We have three classes with 4-5 children and every class there are 4-5 teachers.

The children have different multiple handicaps, for example: motoric disabilities, retardation, sight and hearing disorders. The children have different ways to communicate, for example by signs, sounds and body language. Some of the children are able to use single words, pictures, computers and tactile sign-language.

In preschool we have an inspiring and adapted environment for the children´s requirements. Outside the building we have a nice garden with a lovely nature. A day in preschool contents varying activities, individually and in group: as playing and singing, painting and drawing, baking, reading books, being outdoors and so on.

Each child´s individual needs guide the day-schedule. Our focus is to stimulate the children´s abilities to communicate/interact and to promote their physical motor skills. The teaching is adjusted to develop every child´s abilities/capacities by their own conditions. We want the children to be independent as much as possible. Children learn by playing and we think it is important to have fun and enjoy being in preschool. From the children´s interest we create possibilities to challenge them further on.

In our organization we have close cooperation with the parents. We also cooperate with physiotherapist, occupational therapist and other professions from the children´s habitation team.