Congratulations from UNESCO Cities of Literature

Since Gothenburg was designated UNESCO City of Literature on 8 November, congratulations have been pouring in from other cities. It's a creative and encouraging network Gothenburg has become part of, and other cities of literature are showing great interest in collaborating with Gothenburg in the future.

“We are UTTERLY DELIGHTED to have Gothenburg as part of our network. Edinburgh is the founding city in the network and we’ve seen a lot of applications over the years – yours was such an impressive and strong application and you are clearly an outstanding literary city. There will be much for us to share and learn, and hopefully great projects for us to collaborate on in the future. Welcome to you all and I’m sending a warm hug from our literary city to yours.”
Ali Bowden, Director – Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature

“Hello from your fellow Cities of Literature. Congratulations! We’re delighted that you’ve joined the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of Literature. We have read your application and know the reasons behind your designation. We are excited to learn more about your literary assets and find ways we all can help to spread the word.”
John Kenyon, Executive director of the Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature organization and Coordinator of the Cities of Literature

“WELCOME to UNESCO CITES OF LITERATURE!!!!! I am so happy and excited to hear that you got the designation. Gothenburg is an amazing city of literature. You came out tops in the scoring so the designation is so well deserved!!! Congratulations to you and your team.”
Debbie Skelton, District Manager – Durban UNESCO City of Literature (Gothenburg’s mentor city)

“Congratulations on joining this wonderful UNESCO City of Literature network and welcome! The application of Gothenburg was more than impressive! (Personally, I want to fly to Gothenburg when things are ok later and visit every nook and corner of Gothenburg to feel the culture and literature!) Thanks and congratulations once again!”
Drake Yang - Wonju, Korea

“Manchester City of Literature warmly congratulates Gothenburg on its designation as a UNESCO Creative City. All our partners in Manchester including the City Council, Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester look forward to welcoming you into the Cities of Literature family and to future collaboration.”
Ivan Wadeson, Executive Director - Manchester City of Literature

“Welcome and congratulations to all who worked on the bid. It sounds like you are full steam ahead! It's an exhilarating and intimidating time as you start your journey as a City of Literature and you will be overwhelmed by the communications from UNESCO, the City of Literature network and the expectations of your stakeholders but we are all here to help. Please never hesitate to ask any questions however small.”
David Ryding, Director - City of Literature Office, Melbourne

“I couldn’t be happier to know that Gothenburg joined the network. Congratulations! We are looking forward to collaborating with you. All the best!”
Jaume Muñoz Jofre, Institut de Cultura, Ajuntament De Barcelona 

“Welcome Team Gothenburg, and all best wishes from us all in Norwich!”
Peggy Hughes, Head of Programmes – Norwich UNESCO City of Literature

“Welcome all the Gothenburg team, as well as readers, writers and bibliophiles of all descriptions, from us in Exeter.”
Belinda Dillon - Exeter Culture & Exeter UNESCO City of Literature

“A very warm welcome to you all. Leeuwarden became member in 2019 and is still learning, but what a wonderful network you are about to discover. Literature matters, our network matters. Best of luck, also on behalf of our artistic director Marleen Nagtegaal and the whole team.”
Ernst Bruinsma, Director - Leeuwarden UNESCO City of Literature

“Dear Team Gothenburg. Warm greetings from Kuhmo, and welcome to the Network! We are looking forward to future collaborations with you. På återseende.”.
Aino Ainali, Coordinator - Kuhmo City of Literature

“Welcome to the network Linda and Team Gothenburg. We hope to meet you and work with you.”
Paty Bennett, General Manager – Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature

“Welcome to the Creative Cities Network! Iowa City and the fellow Cities of Literature look forward to working with Gothenburg, learning more about your literary culture and teaching you more about ours. We wish you much success in the months and years ahead.”
John Kenyon, Executive director – Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature organization

“Welcome to the UNESCO Cities of Literature family from us all in Norwich! We will, I’m sure, have many links and commonalities to explore, as well as differences to celebrate – we can’t wait to get going!”
Chris Gribble, Chief Executive – National centre for writing, Norwich

“Congratulations to Gothenburg on your designation as a UNESCO City of Literature! Sending a warm welcome and best wishes from Dublin.”
Anne-Marie, Jackie and Adrienne - Dublin UNESCO City of Literature

“A warm Nanjing welcome to the network. The Nanjing team are looking forward to working together with you and your team on future literary projects and events.”
Lilas – Nanjing UNESCO City of Literature

“Dear Gothenburg Team, welcome from Ulyanovsk, Russia! Looking forward to working with you!”
Gala – Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature

“On behalf of all our team in Québec City, congratulations to Gothenburg on joining the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a City of Literature. We look forward to working with you and to strenghten the links between our cities, our countries.“
Dominique Lemieux, Directeur général - l’Institut canadien de Québec

“A warm welcome to the Creative Cities Network to the whole Gothenburg team, and congratulations from the Milan Team.”
Laura, Paola and Stefano – Milan UNESCO City of Literature

About the network Cities of Literature

The Cities of Literature subnetwork is a group of cities with a shared goal to develop and promote the role of literature and creativity in our cities. We commit to making every city better through sharing knowledge and practice, strengthening exchanges, promoting freedom of speech and developing frameworks for collaboration in key areas.

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