Photographer: Lo Birgersson

Läsoteket - get inspired by language and reading

Läsoteket is for those who are already working in promoting language and reading, those who are thinking about starting work in this field, or for those who want to strengthen and develop their current work. Here you can get inspired by language and reading, and make use of practical tools and materials.

The City of Gothenburg is making a long-term and sustained effort in creating a more equal and sustainable city. Gothenburg has had an ongoing effort since a few years back called The City Where We Read to Our Children. Part of this effort is promoting children's language and reading development early in life. Different approaches and different methods are used to increase the knowledge and awareness of the importance of shared reading sessions.

Läsoteket is one of many efforts that contribute to our goal of becoming a city where we read with and to our children. Läsoteket is a digital platform where workers from, for example, pre-schools, family centers, libraries or other maternal and child health services can find inspiration, tools and methods for encouraging reading at home and to stimulate children's love of reading. The platform has been developed by the public libraries in Gothenburg in collaboration with other businesses. The material is open and available for everyone to use.

Contents of Läsoteket

Läsoteket contains different areas of inspiration which provide advice, support and inspiration for different situations and in meetings with different families. The areas promote different paths to encourage the love of reading. 

  • The importance of interaction for the youngest children
  • The power of the mother tongue
  • Awakening the love of reading
  • The digital reading experience
  • Reading and disabilities

How 10 minutes a day makes a difference

See the movie ”Did you know you can change my life? It is also available with audio description.

Download the folder Read ♥ aloud  about how 10 minutes a day makes a difference. The folder is aimed at the parents of children and is available in Swedish, English, Somali, Persian and Arabic.

Läsoteket strengthens our common cause of giving all children the right to language and reading experiences! Additional parts of the material will be translated into English in 2022.