Manhole Cover Poem 2021 unveiled

Publicerad 28 september 2021

At Gothenburg Book Fair, Malte Persson presented his specially written poem, which is now published on manhole covers. 50 covers will be placed in the streets of Gothenburg to be read for the next hundred years.

These heavy covers prevent us from falling into the abyss, in the same way that poetry can protect us, says Malte.

The poem has a rain theme and circles around the concept of time, as Malte Persson's work often does. Malte describes the challenging creative process he undertook after being given the honorable task of designing this year's poem.

I wanted the poem to be accessible and concrete but at the same time give the reader something to think about. It was a particular responsibility for me to consider that the poem needs to be relevant to readers a hundred years from now, says Malte. 

About the project

Manhole Cover Poetry is a project within Rain Gothenburg, one of the city´s initiatives celebrating Gothenburg´s 400th anniversary. The poet is selected by a jury with representatives from Gothenburg City Library, Writers´ Centre West, Gothenburg House of Literature and Rain Gothenburg. Other previously selected poets are Lina Ekdal (2019) and Anna Greta Wide (2020).

Malte Persson presented his poem, this year´s Manhole Cover Poem, at Gothenburg Book Fair September 25th 2021. Here in conversation with Sofia Gräsberg, Director of The Gothenburg House of Literature. Photographer Linda Johannessen