• AIR Litteratur Västra Götaland announces literary residency grants

    Publicerad 8 april 2024
    Are you working as a writer or literary translator? Are you looking for a peaceful work environment and new inspiration? Now you can apply for a one-month residency grant for November 2024, within the framework of AIR Litteratur Västra Götaland. You must apply before 23 April.
  • The mobile library spreads the joy of reading throughout Gothenburg

    Publicerad 1 december 2023
    One is a deep green, the other a lovely blue with a marine theme. Wherever the two mobile libraries (or ”book buses”, as they’re called in Swedish) appear in the different districts of Gothenburg, they draw attention. They’re met with expectation and joy by both children and adults.
  • AIR Literature recipients from several UNESCO citites of literature

    Publicerad 15 november 2023
    AIR Literature Västra Götaland is a residency programme for writers and translators from all over the world. The purpose is to create time and space for artistic development by offering residencies at several locations throughout the Västra Götaland County.
  • The Cities of Literature Annual Conference in Canada provided new ideas for collaboration

    Publicerad 2 november 2023
    On 9–13 October Quebec City hosted the Cities of Literature Annual Conference. Joakim Albrektson, principal coordinator in Gothenburg, brought back many ideas for projects here at home. There are many concrete projects we can be a part of. If only a quarter of all the ideas become reality, that’s go
  • Ann Jäderlund is the 2023 Brunnslock poet of the year

    Publicerad 12 juni 2023
    The task of writing this year’s “Brunnslock”, or manhole cover, poetry is awarded the poet Ann Jäderlund. Her poem, which has to be inspired by rain, will be cast on manhole covers to be placed on streets and squares all over Sweden, where they will be discovered and read for generations to come.
  • Litteraturkartan celebrates poets and writers from the city’s past

    Publicerad 12 juni 2023
    Litteraturkartan  Göteborg 400 år is the result of a collaboration between UNESCO City of Literature Gothenburg and the Swedish Literature Bank (Litteraturbanken): an interactive digital map of the city’s literary heritage.
  • Join the PenPal Network

    Publicerad 19 maj 2023
    The PenPal Network is a unique opportunity to connect with a counterpart in another City of Literature.
  • AIR Litteratur Västra Götaland announces literary residency grants

    Publicerad 4 april 2023
    Are you a writer or literary translator? Do you need access to your own workplace? Are you looking for a peaceful work environment and new inspiration? Please apply no later than April 16.
  • Young Gothenburg poet in global anthology

    Publicerad 5 juni 2022
    Today, on World Environment Day, Dunedin UNESCO City of Literature is releasing a free digital anthology of creative writing, showcasing writers under 20 years of age.
  • World Book Day on April 23 - in West Sweden

    Publicerad 30 mars 2022
    On World Book Day on April 23, UNESCO draws attention to the importance of books, authors and copyright, in disseminating ideas and knowledge and in contributing to understanding and tolerance between people.
  • Kick-off week for City of Literature with support for Ukraine

    Publicerad 10 mars 2022
    The first official working week of the City of Literature started with an open meeting for literary actors and the public, and a literary policy summit for industry and politicians. Readings for Ukraine was organized, with Academy member Jila Mossaed reading the Ukrainian poet Ilya Kaminsky.
  • Congratulations from UNESCO Cities of Literature

    Publicerad 21 december 2021
    Since Gothenburg was designated UNESCO City of Literature, congratulations have been pouring in from other cities. It's a creative and encouraging network Gothenburg has become part of, and other cities of literature are showing great interest in collaborating with Gothenburg in the future.
  • Gothenburg designated as UNESCO City of Literature

    Publicerad 8 november 2021
    Today, Gothenburg was designated as UNESCO City of Literature. The designation makes Gothenburg Sweden’s first UNESCO City of Literature.
  • Gothenburg stands up for Freedom of Expression

    Publicerad 7 oktober 2021
    Gothenburg's literary actors are collaborating to bolster free speech. Bidding to become an UNESCO City of Literature is a way to further strengthen this collaboration.
  • Manhole Cover Poem 2021 unveiled

    Publicerad 28 september 2021
    At Gothenburg Book Fair, Malte Persson presented his specially written poem, which is now published on manhole covers. 50 covers will be placed in the streets of Gothenburg to be read for the next hundred years.
  • Gothenburg initiates network for Jewish literature among UNESCO Cities of Literature

    Publicerad 9 augusti 2021
    In mid-May, the Jewish Saloon was granted funding from The Swedish Arts Council. So far, a prestudy and visits are planned, but the hope is in the long run that a new network will be created between several UNESCO Cities of Literature.
  • The city where we read to our children can be established in Montevideo, Uruguay

    Publicerad 9 juli 2021
    Interest in Gothenburg's initiative "The city where we read for our children" has reached Uruguay and South Korea. A new collaboration has been created, and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is showing interest in supporting with USD 400,000.
  • Great support from our mentor city Durban, South Africa.

    Publicerad 9 juli 2021
    Gothenburg has received greetings from our mentor city Durban in South Africa. "I think your lovely city stands a great chance of getting chosen, Debbie Skelton says and continues: You have such a rich literary scene."