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Photographer: Lo Birgersson

Gothenburg UNESCO City of Literature

Gothenburg as a literary field

Gothenburg is developing as a city where we read to our children, energize artistic freedom and safeguard freedom of expression and meet in intercultural exchanges – with literature as a key to social sustainability. By joining forces and gaining international recognition, we are strengthening Gothenburg and West Sweden as a place where it is good to be–and to become–a reader and a writer.


Congratulations from UNESCO Cities of Literature

Publicerad 21 december 2021
Since Gothenburg was designated UNESCO City of Literature, congratulations have been pouring in from other cities. It's a creative and encouraging network Gothenburg has become part of, and other cities of literature are showing great interest in collaborating with Gothenburg in the future.

Gothenburg designated as UNESCO City of Literature

Publicerad 8 november 2021
Today, Gothenburg was designated as UNESCO City of Literature. The designation makes Gothenburg Sweden’s first UNESCO City of Literature.

Gothenburg stands up for Freedom of Expression

Publicerad 7 oktober 2021
Gothenburg's literary actors are collaborating to bolster free speech. Bidding to become an UNESCO City of Literature is a way to further strengthen this collaboration.