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Photographer: Lo Birgersson

Literary Gothenburg

We are now bidding to become a UNESCO City of Literature

Gothenburg is developing as a city where we read to our children, energize artistic freedom and safeguard freedom of expression and meet in intercultural exchanges – with literature as a key to social sustainability. By joining forces and gaining international recognition, we are strengthening Gothenburg and West Sweden as a place where it is good to be–and to become–a reader and a writer.


Gothenburg initiates network for Jewish literature among UNESCO Cities of Literature

Publicerad 9 augusti 2021
In mid-May, the Jewish Saloon was granted funding from The Swedish Arts Council. So far, a prestudy and visits are planned, but the hope is in the long run that a new network will be created between several UNESCO Cities of Literature.

The city where we read to our children can be established in Montevideo, Uruguay

Publicerad 9 juli 2021
Interest in Gothenburg's initiative "The city where we read for our children" has reached Uruguay and South Korea. A new collaboration has been created, and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is showing interest in supporting with USD 400,000.

Great support from our mentor city Durban, South Africa.

Publicerad 9 juli 2021
Gothenburg has received greetings from our mentor city Durban in South Africa. "I think your lovely city stands a great chance of getting chosen, Debbie Skelton says and continues: You have such a rich literary scene."