Integrationscentrum Göteborg is a meeting place for migrants and Swedes.

At the Integration Centre newcomers may:

  • Study civic orientation and learn more about Swedish society. The course provides important information for a good start in Sweden. It covers everything from practical everyday life, to how Swedish society works, for example the individual’s rights and responsibilities. The course is held in a dialogue form and in the participants’ mother tongue.
  • Join extra courses in order to learn more, for example about how to be a parent in Sweden or about digital competence.
  • Get help at the information office in your mother tongue with information and advice, for instance translating forms and contacting different authorities.
  • Go on city tours and get to know Gothenburg.
  • Join the the Refugee Guide/Language Friend. It is a program that brings Swedes and migrants together through personal contacts in their leisure time; with families, in groups or individually.
  • Subscribe to the Pathfinder - a mentoring program that inspires newcomers to reach their professional goals.
  • The Integration Centre also offers training and skills development including seminars, workshops and newsletters.
  • There is also a platform for cooperation with NGO associations and organizations.

Everyone can meet at the Integration Centre!