IB Admissions

You can be an IB too! To become an IB Diploma Programme student at IHGR simply follow the steps below.

If you are in your final year of secondary school (årskurs 9) then your next step is to join our PreIB class. The PreIB is a one year preparatory class that gives you the knowledge and support needed in Maths, Languages, Sciences, Arts, amongst other subject areas. This feeds directly into the 2 year Diploma Programme upon completion. To apply you will need to:

Register yourself on Indra, www.indra2.se or speak to your career counselor (studievägledare). If you do not currently live in Sweden please contact Gymnasieantagningen, the central admissions office for Gothenburg high schools at gymnasieantagningen@GRkom.se.

Attend the PreIB entrance exam in May 14th, 2020.

For those students who have already completed MYP10, PreIB or IGCSEs it may be possible for you to apply directly to the two year Diploma Programme. Please click on the link below to take you to the online application procedure:

Online application

If you would like further information about the IB DP please contact :

Shawanda Stockfelt, IB Diploma Coordinator, Shawanda.Stockfelt@educ.goteborg.se

If you have a question on possible change of subject and or level SL/HL:

PIM Shawanda or send an email for booking an appointment.

If you have a questions related to applying to university: PIM Helena Sjövall, career counselor or sign up at Helena's office.