In August, we will start using Vklass instead of Hjärntorget. Read more about Vklass and how to use it here.

In Vklass, you will be able to follow student progress and attendance, prepare development talks and communicate with the school. We will continue using Google Classroom for lesson work.

Log in to Vklass this autumn

At the beginning of next term, you can log in and start using Vklass. You can download the Vklass app in the App Store and Google Play or go to www.vklass.se.

When you log in to Vklass via the app or web, you first choose the organization "Göteborgs Stad UBF". After that, guardians choose "Logga in med Göteborgs Stads BankID" and then log in with your privat BankID, while students log in with their regular school account.

For guardians; to be able to send and receive personal messages from the school, it is important that you enter your email address the first time you log in to Vklass. Also enter your mobile number to be able to receive text messages when the student is absent.

Why are we replacing Hjärntorget?

The reason Hjärntorget is being replaced is the need for a more user-friendly and easier-to-use tool for teachers, students and guardians. In Vklass, you will be able to monitor the learning process, take part in development talks and communicate with the school. We will continue to use Google Classroom in the same way as before, after the transition from Hjärntorget to Vklass.

Support and support materials

More information about how to login, use Vklass and get support can be found at vklass.educ.goteborg.se.

Application for a Vklass account for guardians without a Swedish "personnummer".

Click on the link Contact and Forms.

Do you have further questions?

If you have questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact the school.