Below you will find information regarding the start and end of the school year, breaks, as well as the date for graduation of the seniors.

Autumn Term 2020

Year 1 (NA20, PreIB20) students will start 18th August at 9 am (9.00)
Year 2 (IB19a+b) students will start 19th August at 1 pm (13.00)
Year 3 (NA19, SA19, NA18, SA18, IB18a+b+c) students will start 20th August at 9 am (9.00)

August 27th: PE day for SA19 and NA19

August 27th: Diploma Project day /Extended Essay day for grade 3 students

September 16th . Parent meeting online for grade 1 students: (17.30-19.00)

September 23th. Parent meeting online for IB19: (17:30-19.00)

September 30th. In-service day and no classes

Week 44, Oct 26th & 30th . Holiday for students

November 19th & 20th. Development talks mandatory for all students and their guardians

December 18th. Last day of term

Spring Term 2021

January 11th . Start spring term for students

Week 7, Feb 15th & 19th. Holiday for students

March 3th. In-service day and no classes

Week 14, April 5th & 9th. Break for students (Easter holiday)

May 1th . Holiday

May 13th & 14th . Holiday- except IB final exams

June 1th . Graduation Day

June 9th . Last day of term for grade 1 & 2.