Please contact our administration if you have questions regarding our school and our programmes. All email-addresses are based on first name.last name@educ.goteborg and become visible if you right click on the name of the staff member.

Head of School

Birgitta Sandström Barac

Contact: 031-708 92 15


Maria Laasonen

Contact: 031-708 92 29

IB coordinator

Shawanda Stockfelt

Contact: +46 707 808 410 (Please note that my telephone hours are between 13:00 and 14:00)

Working hours: Monday to Friday (8:00 - 16:30)

You are welcome to contact me via email (or PIM internally) and I will respond at the earliest convenient time.

NP coordinator

Anna Sundell

Contact: 031-708 92 43

SP coordinator

Jakob Bådagård

Contact: 031- 708 92 43


Åsa Blidby

Contact: 0728-56 59 92