Distance learning continues

Publicerad 5 februari 2021

UBF has now, with advice from Smittskydd Västra Götaland, decided that we will continue with distance learning for all classes until March 14th.

The current situation around the spreading of covid-19 and the number of confirmed cases is too unstable and hard to predict hence Smittskydd strongly advice high schools to stay online for another week. The aim is to allow students back by March 15th with 60% of the students on school premises, similar to the set up we had in the autumn. Grade 3 will then be in at all times and grade 1 and 2 will take turns being in school. Grade 1 will in that case stay home week 11.

We are planning to take in students for examinations or for labs that cannot be postponed or done in other ways. Same rules apply like before: if you come in to sit a test: you cannot do so with symptoms.

If you or your guardians have any worries or inquires concerning health and safety during online learning contact our school nurse Maria Carmesund or our counselor Emil Nordström. If you have other questions in regards to the teaching and learning online please do not hesitate to contact me or the respective teacher.

Stay safe and stay well,

Maria Laasonen, principal IHGR