IB Exams May Session 2021

Publicerad 21 april 2021

The time has finally come for the IB exams which begin on April 29th and end on May 20th. Please see the exam schedule the coordinator has shared and note the change of time for English B. Note the following:

  • You are expected to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of ALL your exams where calculators are necessary (for us to check that your calculators are in exam mode or help you to set this up):
    • BM p1/2, ESS p1/2, Math IA p1/2, Math AA SL p2, Math AA HL p2/3, physics/chemistry/biology p2
  • You are expected to be seated 10 minutes before ALL your exams – SO NO LATE ARRIVALS!
  • There will be a final IB examination information meeting on Monday, April 26th at 13:00 – this will be online and the link has been sent to you. 

Remember to rest, relax and stay-safe – we are looking forward to celebrating you on June 1st (whatever the outcome ❤)

// Shawanda