Vklass replaces Hjärntorget in August

Publicerad 23 juni 2022

In August, we will start using Vklass instead of Hjärntorget. Here is information for students and guardians about leaving Hjärntorget.

Why are we replacing Hjärntorget?

The reason Hjärntorget is being replaced is the need for a more user-friendly and easier-to-use tool for teachers, students and guardians. In Vklass, you will be able to monitor the learning process, take part in development talks and communicate with the school. We will continue to use Google Classroom in the same way as before, after the transition from Hjärntorget to Vklass.

Hjärntorget will be closed on 30th of June

From 30th of June 2022, you will no longer have access to Hjärntorget. This means that you can no longer log in, communicate or access information in Hjärntorget. If you have information you want to save, you need to do so before 30th of June.

More information

You will receive more information on how to log in and use Vklass before you get access. Until then, you will find more information about Vklass on their page for guardians and at goteborg.se. If you have questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact the school. Note that all students at IHGR will receive paper mails on how to get access to the new platform V-Klass