Summer greetings

Publicerad 6 juli 2021

We wish you a wonderful summer break and hope you all take the time to enjoy the summer to the fullest. Please read below regarding information about the school start in August.

We are happy to welcome you back in August! Please make sure you know the times for roll call as they are different depending on which year level you are in. 

Wednesday 18th of August: New grade 1 students at 09.00 a.m.

Thursday 19th of August: IB20A and IB20B students see info from the IB coordinator.

Friday 20th of August: All grade 3 students at 09.00 a.m. 

* A welcome letter to the grade 1 students will be sent by email well advance before the school start.

Take good care of yourself,

Maria Laasonen, Principal