• Open House

    Publicerad 13 november 2019
    IHGR Open House 2019-2020
  • Gymnasiedagarna!!!

    Publicerad 7 oktober 2019
    Welcome to visit us in our booth at Gymnasiedagarna Tuesday - Thursday (Oct 8-10)!
  • Exchange programmes

    Publicerad 23 september 2019
    This week we welcome students and teachers from our exchange schools in Odense and Berlin!
  • Garden Party

    Publicerad 30 augusti 2019
    Thank you all parents and students new to the school for attending our Garden Party!
  • Start of School Year 2019-2020

    Publicerad 17 juni 2019
    Welcome to a new exciting school year! We meet up at IHGR Molinsgatan 6 according to the schedule below:
  • Graduation 2019

    Publicerad 13 maj 2019
    Welcome to our graduation Tuesday May 28th! We open the doors to Stenhammarsalen at 9.00 (tickets required) Grand Exit at 14.00 at IHGR Molinsgatan 6. No parking available at school.
  • IHGR Day!!!

    Publicerad 9 april 2019
    Last Friday our students organised the annual IHGR Day, which is a wonderful celebration of school spirit and all the individuals that make up this great school!
  • Exchange Programmes

    Publicerad 20 mars 2019
    This is a busy season for our exchanges with students going places and receiving guests: Budapest, Berlin and Spain are in focus!
  • Development Talks

    Publicerad 21 februari 2019
    On March 20th we welcome students and parents/guardians to our Development Talks.
  • European Youth Parliament

    Publicerad 21 februari 2019
    The IHGR delegation has been selected for the EYP National Session!
  • Uganda project

    Publicerad 24 oktober 2018
    This week a group of students and staff visit Uganda to experience cultural similarities and differences.
  • Walkathlon

    Publicerad 2 oktober 2018
    On Monday October 1st our students and staff carried out a walkathlon in support of our sister school in Uganda.