It hasn’t been that long since I left IHGR, not even a year but the memories I have from
there make me long to be back. IHGR, at least for me, isn’t just a school. It’s a second
home. The people, teachers and students alike, helped me to become who I am today. They
encouraged me to learn, to experience, to grow into a (probably) over-analyzing global
citizen. I honestly couldn’t have chosen a better school for me, and even though there were
challenges to face, like speaking English full time, attending university classes and distance
learning, I overcame them and became stronger thanks to it. And of course I always had the
support of my fantastic friends and our genuinely awesome teachers. Studying at IHGR
showed me that I could do more than I had ever imagined to be possible, and even though I
am not entirely sure where I’ll end up in the future, I know that what I gained at the school
both in knowledge and in my friends will always be the foundation to my future

Sanna Besic