I strongly believe that IHGR is more than just a high school. With the right mindset, IHGR is a place where you build character and discipline that will most definitely take you far in life. However, the best part is that you are surrounded by people who will motivate you to reach your goals! I can with confidence claim that the wisdom I gained within the walls of IHGR, created a fundamental foundation for the work ethic and determination I have today.

At the moment I am a 4th year dental student, and am also an entrepreneur.

Daniel Chahin

Photo by: Natalie Yousefi

At IHGR I felt at home. Everyone was different, but it was celebrated. It's what made us come together rather than cause friction between us. At IHGR I learnt about the world, through lessons and through friends. It's also where I really improved my English and got comfortable speaking it. I think feeling at home is the most important thing to succeed.

I chose IHGR as my first hand choice, because even though I was afraid of speaking English, I realized that as I wanted to work abroad later on I'd have to speak English in my everyday life. So why not start with it right now? And I could not have made a better choice.

I feel like IHGR wasn't so strict, in a good way. It didn't need to be, because we all already had our goals and knew we were going somewhere. So we didn't have to be forced by the teachers but could instead have fun together. I remember once we watched the stars through a telescope in the evening together, or once our psychology teacher had an emergency lunch lecture explaining the black&blue/white&gold dress, when that was all the school was talking about. The first day of school our chemistry teacher lit a balloon on fire, and another time we went out camping on an excursion, examining starfish and shells. As I said, I felt at home.

At the moment I'm studying the 4th year of medical school in Gothenburg. Still trying to feel as much at home as in IHGR.

Frida Sonderegger

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