November retakes for Hvitfeldtska IB graduates

Publicerad 11 juli 2020


 Due to the cancellation of IB Diploma Exams in May 2020, Hvitfeldtska has decided to support its students by offering retakes in November 2020 in subjects where the alternative exam procedures have had an obvious negative impact on results in comparison with expected performance.

Note that this applies only to students who have studied the IB Diploma Programme at Hvitfeldtska gymnasiet, other students are referred to their own school.

The subjects that will be available for a retake in November are:

English A HL and SL

Swedish A HL and SL

Economics HL and SL

Biology HL

Chemistry HL

Physics HL

Mathematical Studies SL

Mathematics SL

Mathematics HL


Contact person for retake registration is our IB Coordinator, Mr James Du Priest  

Registration deadline is the 27th of July.