Friday the 30th of August the Award Ceremony for this year’s IB Diploma graduates took place in the Main Auditorium.

Publicerad 4 september 2019

Although many of our graduates had already started their University studies abroad, 50 of this year’s graduates attended together with friends and families. Proud graduates received their IB Diplomas from the hand of principal Peter Park Larsson.

The graduating class at Hvitfeldtska has – again – surpassed the world average and this year’s top performing graduate, Laura Johansson, received a scholarship of 15 000 SEK for her 43 Diploma points.

Mr Park Larsson spoke about the important role of international education in the increasingly polarised climate of today’s world and praised the graduates for their commitment to the idea of an open world, comprised in the IB Learner Profile. Celebrations continued in the school restaurant, where Hvitfeldtska celebrated having been an IB World School for 30 years. Graduates, current students and alumni celebrated together with former and current IB staff. Former IB Principal Agneta Santesson and alumnus Adam Roth, who was one of the very first students in 1989, spoke about what it was like to be the pioneers of a programme that is now well established at the school, around Sweden, and the world.