Graduation Day celebration at Hvitfeldtska

Publicerad 28 maj 2020


The engagement following my messages regarding Graduation Day at Hvitfeldtska is huge, which is both positive and understandable. It is an important moment in life. More than 1200 people have read the message I sent on Thursday. I receive much input and viewpoints and so do the principals. It is not possible to respond to all, but I can summarise the situation as follows:

I have had many conversations with the Student Union and the principals and have a good overview about existing wishes and considerations. We are in full agreement of doing the best possible within current restrictions and regulations.

Most people contacting us show great understanding that this is a complicated situation.
There is a wish that we do the best and most possible on the 2nd of June.
There is a widespread impression that “other schools get to run out in June, but we don’t”.
I have also had many discussions with our governing body about what we are allowed to do.

These are our guidelines:
To minimise risk of contagion, all classes cannot have a ceremony in one day. Therefore, we need to use both on the 2nd and the 3rd of June. We will have 40-minute gatherings class by class in extra-large rooms. Every class will have its own timeslot that will not coincide with any other class. The ceremony will come to its end indoors. Then the class will parade out through the doors of the North Building, one class at a time. We will try to arrange that individual photos of students are taken when exiting. No family members will be allowed to attend in the schoolyard. 

The times for the gatherings have been decided by lottery, done by the Student Union and the principals together.
The Business- and administration, IB, Individual Alternative and the Natural Science programmes will have their gatherings on the 2nd of June.
The Business and economics, Music and Social Science programmes will have theirs on the 3rd of June.
Exact times will be presented by the Student Union later today.
Besides, to have a chance to experience the traditional running out from school, we hope to arrange such a ceremony together with the Student Union on Thursday the 13th of August, on the condition that the authorities allow for it by then.

Other questions that have come in:
”Why aren’t we making the best possible celebration on this day?”
Answer: That is exactly what we are doing. This is the kind of ceremonial celebration that is possible to arrange following rules and guidelines from the authorities. The same rules apply to all public high schools in the City of Gothenburg. 

“We cannot have the school-ending ceremony on the 3rd of June when we have invited friends and family on the 2nd?”
Answer: We are not allowed to arrange a ceremony for all classes on the 2nd of June, we must spread it out over two days minimum. I understand there can be different opinions, but I don’t see anything hindering a family gathering on the 2nd of June even though the ceremony in school is on the 3rd.
Gothenburg 12th of June 2020 Mikael O Karlsson, Head of School, Hvitfeldtska

[1] Due to the class-size exceeding 50 people, the IB year 3 will need to be divided into two separate gatherings.