About Hoppet

An innovation program to build fossil-free. Started 2020 with the pilot pre-school located on Backa kyrkogata.

A part of the climate strategy program in the City of Gothenburg

The Urban Property Department of the City of Gothenburg will explore the potentials of construction with as much fossil-free material and procedures as possible.

The project is part of a strategy to create the best conditions to achieve the goal of a climate-neutral Gothenburg with a sustainable and rational greenhouse gas emission level by year 2050. This task is included in the City Council's budget for the city of Gothenburg 2017 and is in line with the city's climate strategy program.

Hoppet is an exploratory building project that researches various processes and materials to find optimal solutions. The first step was to build a fossil-free preschool which was ready in 2021.

The long-term goal for the City of Gothenburg is to reduce its consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions with 75% by year 2050. It's like putting together an almost impossible jigsaw puzzle. But in close collaboration with experts, innovators, entrepreneurs and suppliers, we work together to get all the pieces into place. This is how we can push for a sustainable social development. Creating interest and understanding of the need for fossil-free materials and methods within these target groups is important in order for us to inspire change.