Research and innovation

Gothenburg European Office monitors the European initiatives in the area of research and innovation. Read more about our work below.

Gothenburg was designated one of most innovative cities in the EU in 2018 as a finalist in the ICapital Award. In 2020, Gothenburg has been crowned the European Capital of Smart Tourism.

Innovation is the core of our sustainable urban development. To be able to deal with future societal challenges, cities need to collaborate with a broad range of actors and test new solutions. 

At the European level, Gothenburg European Office continuously works for:

  • EU’s research and Innovation program to capitalise on the experiences of cities, and prioritise finding sustainable solutions for societal challenges in cities.
  • EU support to test and demonstration environments in urban areas to enable better conditions for developing new products and services that can contribute to Europe’s competitiveness.
  • A European ecosystem for local innovations ecosystems.
  • Gothenburg to be recognised as a leading and pioneering city when it comes to innovation.

Current initiatives monitored:

  • Smart Cities initiatives.
  • Human centered city: Highlevel group report for SRIA on innovating cities.
  • Horizon Europe Mission on Climate neutral and Smart Cities.
  • Future funding opportunities and awards for smart and innovative cities.