Figur - Internationel festival of puppetry

” On Human Value”

Friday15 nov:

18:00 Meet Fred *- Hijinx Co/ Blind Summit, Eng,

Lilla salen, Age 15 years.

”A cloth puppet fights prejudice every day. Fred just wants to be part of the real world, get a job and meet a girl, but when threatened with losing his PLA (Puppetry Living Allowance), Fred’s life begins to spiral out of his control. Contains strong language and puppet nudity.” Performed in english

Saturday 16 nov:

13:00 Pinocchio’s- Alice Laloy; Fr, Exhibition Hall Opening

” I was particularly interested in the moment of metamorphosis between the puppet and the human child. What could the body of Pinocchio look like as it transforms from puppet form into a human body? Pinocchio 0.0 was the starting point of a visual research project involving a number of series of photos of children portrayed in puppet-like inanimate poses.”

14:00 Where is the wolf? Another Little Red Ridinghood

- Marionetteatern, Gågatan ”A classic hand puppet show on a famous fairy tale, but with a completely different ending than we are used to” Free entrance

15:00 Apparaten- Not Quites Mekaniska Teater

Dockteaterbussen, Age 9 years

It’s about where the small stream leads us. It started with water, it always has, but what comes next? Not Quite offers a story in which the materials dance in the woods and on the factory floor.

Free entrance!

16:00 Diva *- Sofie Krog Teater, Dk

La Bamba, Age 12 years

” In the depths of a dark and quirky cabaret, the lives of a beautiful diva, her lovesick butler, a mischievous lab assistant and a beyond-mad scientist are about to collide. Audience members are lured into the mystery within the cabaret walls as each characterendures an ill-fated night that may well be their last.

17:15 Meet Fred *- Hijinx Co/ Blind Summit, Eng

Lilla salen, Age 15 years

”See text above”

19:00 Chambre Noire* - Plexus Polaire, Fr

Stora salen, Age 15 years

” Chambre noire is a wild hallucination around the death-bed of Valerie Jean Solanas (1936-1988): the talented psychology-student who spent her life going in and out of mental institutions, the first intellectual whore, the writer, the radical feminist, the creator of the SCUM Manifesto, the woman who shot Andy Warhol…Inspired by Sara Stridsberg novel “The Dream-faculty”, this performance is a duo with puppeteer Yngvild Aspeli and percussionist Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen. With life-sized puppets, broken music, video-projections, and a desert of solitude.” Performed in english.

Sunday17 nov:

12:00 Mouse and the apple- Hedmans Teater

La Bamba, Age 2 years

Mouse longs for the red apple in the tree, but when the other animals have different ideas about how, the mouse just sits calmly and waits for the apple to ripens and fall. Free after S.Butler’s book.

12:15 Apparaten - Not Quites Mekaniska Teater

Dockteaterbussen, Age 9 years

”see text other side”

13:15 Diva*- Sofie Krog Teater, Dk

La Bamba, Age12 years ” see text on other side”

14:30 Alice - Marionetteatern

Lilla salen Age 4 years

” The story of Alice falling into a rabbit hole is a classic that has been interpreted many times. In Marionetteaterns version, the format is small but the imagination is great. A colorful, funny and thoughtful story about growing up. ”

Monday 18 nov:

09:00 och 10:15 Mouse and the apple - Hedmans Teater

La Bamba, Age 2 years

09:15 och 10:30 Alice - Marionetteatern

Lilla salen, Age 4 years

Tuesday 19 nov:

09:00 och 10:15 Mouse and the apple - Hedmans Teater

La Bamba, Age 2 years

Monday18 Nov: Stora salen

09:00 - 15:00 APPLIED PUPPETRY * - one-day conference on puppet

theater in social and therapeutic contexts.

The applied puppetry feature is the use of puppets in other contexts. Two of the world’s greatest inj this field are visiting this conference. Gary Friedman from Australia, known for his social projects in South African prisons in the fight against apartheid and AIDS. Karrie Marshall from Scotland who, among other things, has written a book and educates in puppets in dementia care. The conference are mixing lectures with film screenings from different projects of the two speakers. The conference is aimed for all who work or educate inside all types of health care, psychiatrists, therapists, teachers, special schools and others. Collaboration whith Kultur i Väst.

”Fika” will be served in the afternoon - Lunch can be purchased at the mall - Frölunda Torg.


Tickets: or +46 (0)31 - 366 27 25

Ticket prices:

Ordinary ticket shows for adults ( marked with *) 150 kr

Ticket with festivalpass 80 kr

Festivalpass 100 kr

Conference ”Applíed puppetry” 150 kr

( with festivalpass 80 kr )

Children/Family shows 60 kr

For more information:

+46 (0)30 366 27 25 or

This year FIGUR is collaborating with

GBG mime fest 14 - 17 nov.

The festivalpass from FIGUR allow you to buy

subsidized tickets at the Mime fest and vice versa

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