Foto: Marie Ullnert

About the school

Bräckegymnasiet is an Upper Secondary Vocational School located at Lindholmen, Gothenburg. About 600 students are enrolled in two national programs: the Construction Programme and the Introduction Programme. About 450 are enrolled in the Construction Programme.

The orientations in the programme are; plant vehicles, land and construction, carpentry, painting, concrete and sheet metal. You can also specialize in order to became glazier, bricklayer, floorlayer, subroofer, stone mason or painter. Besides you can enroll a special orientation in carpentry after which you can apply for Master´s programmes at Chalmers University of Technology.

The programme is in three years and half of the time is practical training; the first year in workshops at school, the last two in companies.
You have the right to take the required courses to obtain a diploma for admission to higher education.

Bräckegymnasiet also provides validation and complementary vocational courses in cooperation with the Employment Agency in Gothenburg and the Municipal Adult Education.
The school takes part in international projects, for example an ATLAS project in Bangladesh and an ERASMUS+ project with Finland, Germany and Italy.

Bräckegymnasiet is a recommended school by BYN, Byggindustrins yrkesnämnd (the Swedish Construction Industry Training Board). According to the criteria determined by BYN, the training is of a very good quality. Bräckegymnasiet Lindholmen is the largest Upper Secondary School specialized in Construction in Sweden.

Contact: School management; Construction Programme